Let’s ditch myths about ANC’s glorious past

April 15, 2019


Accusations about the manipulation of ANC election lists are nothing new. Nor, for that matter, is evidence of corruption, nepotism and the existence of patronage networks. Because the "broad church" of this liberation movement made unity of the good, the bad and the ugly the priority. Continuing to cling to, and propagate, myths may only ensure that the disasters of the past will continue to be repeated.

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Time to shun the financial kakistocracy

April 9, 2019


Institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, the ratings agencies and such private influence peddlers such as the World Economic Forum are often seen as a global financial aristocracy. A more correct term would be kakistocracy since the solutions they offer merely compound the problems created by the system they exist to support.

Labour, socialism & the search for a party

April 5, 2019


History stalks us and the labour movement, especially, would do well to pay heed to what lessons it provides as South Africa heads toward it May 8 national and provincial elections faced with a confusion of 48 parties. Two, in particular, contain echoes of the ideological battles that raged in the labour movement for decades.

Evasion & the potential of taxes

March 27, 2019


We live with endemic corruption, along with to obscene wealth on one hand and equally obscene poverty on the other. Much of this is the result of capital flows into private pockets — theft through tax evasion — by rich individuals and corporates around the world. Church-based tax justice groups are now trying to end this practice.

Democracy & ‘Father Christmas socialism’

March 22, 2019


It t is time to take stock of where we are and where we, in nation states everywhere, may be going. This should apply in particular to trade unions and various political groups outside of Brazil and Venezuela, that have, in recent years, touted those countries, under Chavez and Lula, as models of “socialist alternatives”.

A union investment dream revisited

March 10, 2019


In South Africa, an innovative investment scheme rejected by Cosatu 27 years ago as “too capitalistic” is again being discussed as austerity bites still harder. It involved settling up a co-operative bank using union pension and provident funds to be invested in residential property, so providing decent homes for workers and breaking down residential apartheid while providing a non-exploitative return on capital.

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Election 2019 & back to basics

March 10, 2019


Increasingly, it seems, South Africa's proclaimed democracy is being seen domestically as a sham, with current political parties regarded as mere vehicles for self enrichment. But getting back to basics — a slogan initially adopted by Cosatu — is very much on union minds as austerity threatens to bite still harder. These “basics” also extend well beyond the “nine wasted [Zuma] years” mentioned by President Cyril Ramaphosa, back, in fact.to 1991.

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