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More instability looms for Greece

January 26, 2015


It is not only the European Union and the European monetary zone that face turmoil following the Greek elections where the leftwing Syriza party won the greatest support. Greece itself is unlikely to remain stable, since Syriza remains a minority party supported by fewer than 40% of the electorate.

Inherent inequality of the World Economic Forum

January 25, 2015


The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) extravaganza got underway last week. It is not the UN-style institution it is often portrayed as being. It is a private club where the heads of immensely rich corporations wine, dine, bribe and bully various power brokers and wannabe tycoons to do their bidding and to adopt policies that suit the corporate world.

Sad times for SA English newspapers

January 19, 2015


The race card has been played and facts have been distorted, apparently at the request of the South African ptesidency, in a case that raises again the whole question of media independence and freedom of expression.

Unions: potential bulwarks of democracy

January 18, 2015


The founding principles of the labour movement are liberty and equality on a global scale, and although some areas the movement have become corrupted, all too often infused with the poison of nationalism, they remain potential bulwarks of democracy.

Nasty reality behind the Afcon soccer invitation

January 18, 2015


The brutal kleptocracy of Equatorial Guinea hopes to gain a measure of international acceptanceby hosting the African Cup of Nations (Afcon) soccer spectacle that kicked off this weekend. Terry Bell reports on the history of this tiny African nation.

Compounding a Nobel Peace Prize travesty

January 18, 2015


Once again, there is a furore about plans to name a major Cape Town street after former apartheid president FW de Klerk. As well there should be, although there is considerable support for the proposal that goes before the city council on January 28. It was much the same nearly a decade ago when the […]

Upholding journalistic ethics

January 15, 2015


Max de Preez, one of the foremost political commentators and columnists in South Africa, has withdrawn his work from Independent News Media, following a shameful and untruthful apology to President Jacob Zuma about facts carried in one of Max's columns.

Thoughts on a united front

January 2, 2015


The debate has opened in South Africa and a beginning has been made to establish a united front, with talk of the move toward a “socialist movement”. This is a contribution to the debate.