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Apartheid’s “Dr Shock” jailed in Canada

April 30, 2014


Aubrey — “Dr Shock” — Levin the South African army psychiatrist accused of torturing gays and dissidents in the apartheid military, and who fled to Canada with the collapse of apartheid, has started a five-year jail term in Canada for sexual molestation.

Labour’s loyalty: a democratic failure

April 27, 2014


The increasingly bitter row within Cosatu raises the spectre of real, grassroots democracy that could provide a serious wake-up call to union bureaucrats, but should also convey lessons for all citizens as South Africa heads toward another election.

Cosatu schisms make for a rocky road ahead

April 21, 2014


South Africa's scheduled national elections on May 7 seem to be beset by more bickering, bitterness and fragmentation than normal — and this is a clear portent for the future. A rocky road lies ahead.

Still seeking fairness on SA farms

April 15, 2014


The grape harvest in the Western Cape is coming to an end and, with it, thousands of part-time jobs and incomes for poor families will disappear for some eight months.

A micro-chip road to real democracy

April 10, 2014


Some food for thought about the future as the economic crisis continues, elements of barbarism and instability seem to be spreading to various arts of the globe — and as South Africa heads to another election.

Strike that should focus on jobs

April 8, 2014


A crunch point has this week been reached in South Africa's platinum sector where a 12-week strike presents a plethora of complex issues that must be addressed to achieve future stability.