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Clarity, Kriel & the Cape Times

December 28, 2013


A lack of adequate resources and asset-stripping by the Irish carbetbagger Tony — now Sir Anthony — O'Reilly are the real problems with the Cape Times, not the undeniable quality, let alone pigmentation, of the staff.

Letter to Cape Times

December 27, 2013


The Cape TImes provided a first rate example of the educative role of journalism when it pubished, on December 24, an emotive rant about the newspaper's Mandela coverage, illustrated by the two special edition wraparound pages that revealed clearly the poisonous myths peddled by the accompanying text.

INL: the plot thickens

December 24, 2013

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It appears that it was a fairly recently ordained pastor and political changeling, Wesley Douglas, was the organiser of the group that gatecrashed a Right to Know (R2K) protest in Cape Town on December 17.

Revisiting a Cde Moss vision

December 22, 2013

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The name of Moses Mayekiso — Comrade Moss — has surfaced once again in the turmoil surrounding the decisions made by the National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) to “go back to basics”. What does this mean?

Mandela: the dangers of deification

December 13, 2013


Myths can often be easily shattered, the shards of half truths, of falsehoods and exaggerations tending to bury the real merit on which they were based. So let it not be with Mandela.

Hypocrisy, hot air & some hope for the future

December 6, 2013


Regular readers of this column over the past decade may be forgiven for feeling frustrated and annoyed by the current goings on within Cosatu and the wider, governing, alliance.  As noted last week, we have heard it all before.  But the irony and hypocrisy displayed now seems to have reached new levels.   Apparently blissfully […]

Party politics dominates Cosatu crisis

December 5, 2013


Fudging and delay. That was what emerged from yesterday’s eagerly awaited Cosatu press conference. As a result, the questions about the future of suspended general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi and the prospect of a Special National Congress (SNC) remained unanswered. And it soon became obvious, as the conference progressed, that the reason for the fudging and […]

Mandela: already dead — or slowly dying?

December 4, 2013


Initial feature published in the Bulletin&Record, Zambia. Is Nelson Mandela dead? Did he die as early perhaps as June 11 and was then maintained in a “permanent vegetative state” only by means of a life support machine? And if he did effectively die, as now seems possible, within days or weeks of his admission to […]