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Criminalising desperate mine workers

September 25, 2016


Driven by poverty to artisanal mining, enterprising workers are criminalised for being entrepreneurial. At the same time, the SA government, perhaps with good intentions, seems likely to create a disaster with changes to compensation coverage for miners.

The productivity & growth illusion

September 18, 2016


Politicans, economists and several labour leaders keep telling us that we need more growth and greater productivity in order to claw our way out of the present economic crisis. But this is an illusion as we face the job-loss reality of the 4th industrial revolution.

State & union ‘capture’ in South Africa

September 10, 2016


It is high time South Africa's Cosatu unions learned the lessons of their democratic origins so that they do not fall prey to the statist, “conveyor belt,” alternative proposed by the likes to the World Federation of Trade Unions whose congress is being hosted in Durban by four Cosatu unions while Cosatu remains affiliated to the International Trade Union Confederation.

The living legacy of ‘Mama Ray’

September 2, 2016


The decision of South Africa's Food & Allied Workers' Union to leave the Cosatu federation and the ANC-led alliance seems to indicate that the legacy of principled unity preached by "Mama Ray" Alexander Simons and her cohort continues to survive.