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2015 & more Greek turmoil looms

December 31, 2014


Europe is on tenterhooks as the new year dawns. All because of a vote in the Greek parliament on Monday that failed to elect centre-right presidential candidate, Stavros Dimos as president. And the turmoil that may result could have widespread repercussions.

Silver lining to global clouds of turmoil

December 21, 2014


As another year draws to a close, the advice usually attributed to the Italian revolutionary, Antonio Gramsci, constantly comes to mind: exercise pessimism of the intellect, but optimism of the will. Because while dark clouds continue to gather, silver linings of resistance are starting to show through and could drive those clouds away forever.

Farewell to a lovable revolutionary

December 19, 2014


Sadie Forman one of the most unconventional, interesting and lovable fighters in the South African anti-apartheid movement, died on the morning of December 11, aged 85. "She was a small woman, but certainly as big as Table mountain."

Some thoughts for the looming new year

December 15, 2014


In a world where the overwhelming majority, the working and workless poor, the caring egalitarians and those who daily go hungry amid plenty, wish only to live productive and decent lives in peace. Let their will — our will — be done, says Terry Bell.

Global hope for worker rights

December 14, 2014


Through globalisation, capital began the race to the bottom in terms of human and worker rights, wages and conditions. But, courtesy of modern communications technology, unions are now fighting back on a global level, although there is a long way to go.

SA’s domestic workers continue to dream

December 7, 2014


After nearly 50 uears of organised batling, South Africa's domestic workers still find themselves disadvantaged, their latest minimum pay award being less than half the generally recognised living wage.