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Wage gaps, Depressions and war

April 24, 2012


South Africa may not have the largest wage and welfare gap between chief executives and the average pay of workers. That distinction, says Richard Trumka, president of the major labour federation in the United States, the AFL-CIO, belongs to the USA.

Lies, damned lies — and statistical promotion

April 21, 2012


Lies. damned lies and statistics. This is a valid enough comment because statistical data is often readymade for use as propaganda. But now the argument is about "bogus statistics" used primarily as a shrewd, cost-effective, marketing exercise.

The key to ending the race to the bottom

April 13, 2012


A spectre starting to haunt the international labour movement — a spectre of a descent into barbarism.  It is the image of a possible future, reflected in signs such as South Africa’s Olympians marching proudly in London in national colours, made in China, and in the ongoing pressure internationally on jobs, wages and conditions. However, […]