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What SA shop stewards really think

August 30, 2013


Critical elements of a long-awaited survey of the attitudes of Cosatu shop stewards are finally available — and they provide much food for analysis and thought.

Democracy needs labour unity

August 23, 2013


Unless trade unions go back to basics, back to democratic control, to accountable and recallable union leaders the immediate future for South Africa's labour movement and for the country’s fledgling democracy could be bleak.

Sectarian shame of the SACP

August 16, 2013


Shortly after the column below was written and blogged, the SA Communist Party issued its statement on Marikana that reveals the deep and dangerous sectarianism of this organisation. Here, I feel, is exposed one of the roots of the problem. I include here the final paragraph of that statement as an introduction to a repeat […]

Marikana: a wake-up call still ignored

August 15, 2013


The Marikana massacre was a wake-up call to every concerned citizen to consider the causes of the tragedy in order to be able to say, with hope: Never again.

The Marikana watershed

August 4, 2013


The massacre at Marikana was a watershed, a turning point that is likely to have a profound and long-term impact on South Africa's social and political environment.

Labour backs child beating ban

August 2, 2013


South Africa, steeped for generations in the violent resolution of disputes, is about to take a step to get to the roots of the problem.