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ANC faces a turbulent post-election period

May 29, 2011


The government as employer, together with the governing ANC, could be sailing into some turbulent post-election waters. A series of meetings, some of which started this week, will determine quite how turbulent, but the prospects for smooth sailing look remote. On May 26 representatives of the 14 unions in the public service were in Cape […]

Wal-Mart and the nature of the system

May 25, 2011


We live in a world system known as capitalism. About that there seems to be no disagreement. But what this means seems to create considerable confusion. And the rows surrounding the intended incursion into South Africa by Wal-Mart illustrate this clearly. Amid all the arguments and the blowing of vuvuzelas, only a few trade union […]

Africa, nuclear power and earthquakes

May 13, 2011


The massive earthquake off the coast of Japan in March triggered a ten-metre tsunami wave that swept up to 10km inland, devastating whole towns and villages. It also smashed into the Fukushima nuclear power plant causing widespread — and still ongoing — concern about the safety of such plants. This tragedy gave anti-nuclear power advocates […]

An SA winter of industrial discontent looms

May 13, 2011


Promises and appeals to political loyalty secured industrial peace in the run-up to South Africa's May 18 local government elections. But it could be a lull before the storm if the government, as employer, cannot honour all its promises.

The Concourt, the military and arson

May 7, 2011


A 12-year-old case of arson in the SA Navy, based on the controversial doctrine of common purpose, finally makes its way to South Africa's Constitutional Court. The result should have considerable impact, both within and outside the military.