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No joy for SA labour in 2016 Budget

February 28, 2016


South Africa's 2016 Budget has come and gone — and has done little or nothing to assuage the anger felt in many sections of the embattled trade union movement. If anything, it has given added impetus to a move by those unions set to convene a “workers’ summit” to seek new directions both for the labour movement and the country.

Avoiding the real state of the SA nation

February 20, 2016


South Africa's State of the Nation Address (SONA) on February 11 and the subsequent debates all seem long on rhetoric and somewhat short on realistic plans that take cognisance of the world of the 21st Century.

A Valentine message for labour

February 16, 2016


Perhaps it was appropriate that Sunday was Valentine’s Day. It provided some respite from political shenanigans of the past week and the parlous state of the real economy. But the history of the day provides a glimpse of the reality of technological progress and its effect on jobs.

A wake-up call for SA trade unions

February 8, 2016


South Africa is heading into a particularly rough year economically. For those on minimum wages or fixed incomes, let alone the army of the unemployed, this is a frightening prospect.