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Mandela: the myths & and the man

June 28, 2013


Demolishing the myths about Mandela reveals an exceptional man who, in his own words, was subject to "all the usual frailties".

Left spectre haunts the ANC/SACP

June 27, 2013


ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe conjured up a spectre from South Africa’s trade union past when he blamed the "Swedes and Irish" for the "anarchy" on the platinum mines.

E-tolls, excrement and a 2014 election

June 21, 2013


E-tolling, excrement and expanded public works. There three "Es" are likely to be major campaigning features as South Africa heads towards the 2014 election.

Economic war in South Africa

June 14, 2013


The “agrarian transformation”, announced on June 12 by two major SA trade unions extended well beyond farm lands and remote rural areas. It can be summarised by the famous 1992 quote by US President Bill Clinton: “(It’s) the economy, stupid.”

Why double digit pay rises are justified

June 6, 2013


The annual wage bargaining season — erroneously labelled the “strike season” — is upon us. But this does not mean a pending strike wave: most negotiations — as happens every year — will be concluded without any industrial disruption.

Judaism, the Holocaust & Zionism

June 2, 2013


The abuse, both of Judaism and the Holocaust, by more extreme adherents of the fundamentally racist political philosophy of Zionism, continues. And the mainstream media continues blindly to use terminology that supports this particular ideological view.