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Uncovering the spy known as RS452

February 19, 2011


In 2003 South Africa's director of public prosecutions, Bulelani Ngcuka, was accused of having been a spy — RS452 — for the apartheid state. But the search for RS452 revealed that the spy with that designation was a woman, a lawyer who was once considered a stalwart of the anti-apartheid movement.

The role of workers in Egypt’s revolution

February 18, 2011


Organised workers played an important role in the unfolding Egyptian revolution and are now, with the army, probably central to what happens over coming weeks and months.

Egypt: a new tomorrow dawns

February 17, 2011


Eva Haroun, who was in Tahrir Square on January 25 and on February 11 to witness both the start and the climax of Egypt’s popular uprising, reports from Cairo on the euphoria of the moment and the hopes and concerns for the future.

U2 and THAT SA struggle song

February 15, 2011


Given the latest furore in South Africa about an ANC struggle song, triggered by comments of Bono of U2, I thought it appropriate to again publish something of the background and lyrics and the manner in which these have been distorted and abused, by racist remnants of apartheid and by modern ANC demagogues. First published […]

The Facebook trigger to Egypt’s revolution

February 4, 2011


A Facebook group, started to support a strike called for April 6, 2008 became, within three years, the most potent movement for political transformation in Egypt. Eva Haroun provides the background to this phenomenon.

Advocating ‘any job’ is part of the problem

February 3, 2011


The trade union movement, nationally and internationally‚ can be excused for being more than a trifle sceptical about announcements that the world is recovering from economic crisis. Unsurprisingly, this was the reported assessment of most business delegates to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos that ended last weekend. In one, very narrow, respect this […]