A slippery slope to fake news

August 23, 2020


However apparently small the publicly promoted distortion of history it makes for the start of a slippery slope in this era of widespread fake news. And it aids the growing distrust of the media.

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‘Ye are many’ — the basic lesson for a better future

August 21, 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic and the responses to it, have highlighted as perhaps never before, the gross injustice and inequality that has been regarded as 'normal' until now. Time perhaps for the many to say to the few: Enough. It is a normal to which we shall never return.

A time for real reflection

August 10, 2020


(Published on Fin24 platform, August 7, 2020) The annual Women’s Day anniversary is upon us. Like other anniversaries, it can serve a useful purpose in reminding us of past events and, in so doing, help us to have a better understanding of where we are now — and where we may be going. But that […]

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A call to clear the road ahead

August 9, 2020


We should honour the pioneers who sacrificed so much by ensuring that the road ahead is cleared of the clutter of corruption, bureaucracy and prejudice.

Inequality, vultures & Covid-19

August 5, 2020


(Initially published by City Press, South Africa) There continues to be much talk about how unequal our society is, how the wage and welfare gap is the biggest in the world. But how many people are aware that there are perhaps 30 South African billionaires? Or that, for the most part, they seems they have […]

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‘Grooming’, irrationality & Covid-19

August 5, 2020


Unless a series of sometimes contradictory and apparently irrational Covid-19 orders is cleared up, the SA government may be regarded as the National Inanity.

Irrationality & the vultures

July 27, 2020


As more people are thrown onto the scrapheap of unemployment, driven to desperation, the vultures gather to pick their bones.

Hairybacks, ‘souties’ & an accidental ANC member

July 13, 2020


Available online at Daily Maverick: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2020-07-13-reflections-of-a-wayward-boy-hairybacks-soutpiele-and-an-accidental-member-of-the-anc/amp/ Reflections of a wayward boy (4) My life changed during that single day in early 1961 when I returned to the Germiston Advocate newspaper office after attending a Group Areas Board hearing and making my first visit to a township where I met and interviewed people who were about […]

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