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The importance of understanding history

March 16, 2012


We need to know our history in order to understand perhaps where we are today and how we came to be where we are; and we need to understand reality in order to face it and to progress. Such advice seems particularly pertinent in South Africa in these, at first sight, very confusing times.

Historical gallop reflected through a distorted prism

February 10, 2012


An archived and critical book review from 2004 dealing with RW Johnson's controversial South Africa: the first man, the last nation

The history of an exceptional newspaper

December 8, 2010


The Guardian — The History of South Africa’s Extraordinary Anti-Apartheid Newspaper. By James Zug (Michigan State University Press/UNISA Press) (First published, May 2009) The Guardian, a polemical newspaper that survived three bannings and subsequent name changes and was once charged, alongside 156 individuals, with treason, is part of the anti-apartheid folk lore of South Africa. […]

Diamonds, Gold and War: The Making of South Africa

October 2, 2010


by Martin Meredith (Jonathan Ball) Review: Terry Bell Martin Meredith has already established himself as a force in terms of the political and economic analysis of Africa and the historiography of the continent. His recent The Fate of Africa: A History of 50 Years of Independence has rightly been hailed. Diamonds, Gold and War maintains, […]