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The myth of the lady with the lamp

May 18, 2014


Nursing unions and the media in South Africa last week noted that Monday was a day dedicated to nurses, to those who treat the sick and the ailing.  And, as they did so, they continued to perpetuate a myth. The myth is that Florence Nightingale, was the unique “lady with the lamp”, who tended to […]

The need to remember history — & plan political homes

November 28, 2013


One element lacking in the current debates about what is going on in Cosatu is any sense of recent history. Because there is nothing really new in the current spate of political bloodletting, in the bitterness and the backstabbing. The rationale behind the suspension of Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi and the resignation this week […]

Need to confront poisonous roots of the past

July 12, 2013


The poisonous roots of Marikana go back at least 15 years — and must be confronted if anything is to change.

Judaism, the Holocaust & Zionism

June 2, 2013


The abuse, both of Judaism and the Holocaust, by more extreme adherents of the fundamentally racist political philosophy of Zionism, continues. And the mainstream media continues blindly to use terminology that supports this particular ideological view.

‘Prodigal daughters’ speak out

May 15, 2013


The position of women in the exile liberation movements — a largely neglected aspect of SA history — will feature this year at the Franschhoek Literary Festival in a discussion on the book Prodigal daughters

Unions: a need to get back to first principles

February 4, 2013


Forty years ago the modern union moveent in SA was born. Then the demands, including pay and conditions, amounted to one word: democracy. But a democracy that went well beyond the veneer of electoral politics, of the legalistic notion of rich and poor being equal.

Rewriting history and mangling facts

June 29, 2012


Historical distortion and emotive rhetoric characterised the ANC policy conference that ended this week. In fact, it could be argued that the new transition or phase is along the lines advocated by the labour movement 16 years ago in the Social Equity and Job Creation document.

Spearing labour history

June 1, 2012


The charade surrounding the satrical The Spear painting swamped an importnt anniversary in South African labour history, the centenary of Alexandra twonship, site of perhaps the only "liberated zone" at the height of apartheid repression and example of trade union and community collaboration.