Dear Sir bids farewell to Pritz

Posted on March 7, 2020


Prithiraj — Pritz — Dullay, academic, artist, writer, human rights activist and stalwart of the Danish Anti-Apartheid Movement during his exile years, died in Aarhus, Denmark on February 27. Among the many who will fondly remember him are the survivors of the Dear Sir drama group initiated by Kush Mudau in Tanzania in 1981. He and Mala will also be remembered for having joined Barbara and myself in voicing to the authorities the concerns of many of the students about the administration and, in particular, the use of corporal punishment.

The Dear Sir one-act play had not been sanctioned by the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (Somafco) cultural committee, so workshops and rehearsals were held at night in the primary school. And when the roles had been cast, the mime sequences and dialogue finalised for a play set in the cells and yard of the Robben Island prison, there was no set. It was Pritz who came to the rescue with a simple, but extremely effective set. He also designed and handprinted the master copy of the programme for the premiere in the Somafco school hall.

It was a night not to be forgotten, with a standing ovation, particularly for the late Gandhi Maseko in the lead role. As a result, it was given an effective back-dated blessing by the authorities and subsequently toured both the Netherlands and Sweden.

On behalf of myself, Barbara and the surviving Dear Sir cast and helpers now scattered around South Africa, I send heartfelt condolences to Mala, Simmi and Sureka.

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