Iqbal sues reporter for R100 million

Posted on July 1, 2019


(From City Press, 30/06/2019)

Controversial businessman Iqbal Survé on Friday issued summons against journalist Terry Bell, claiming R100 million for alleged defamation. The claim relates to a “fact check” conducted by Bell and published in 2016 into claims made by Survé about his background.

Principle among these was the claim that Survé had been a doctor to Nelson Mandela “both on and off the island”. Bell pointed out that Mandela had left Robben Island in 1982 when Survé was a junior medical student.

A claim by Survé that he had been the “mind coach” to the victorious 1996 Bafana-Bafana team was also denied by Bafana-Bafana captain Neil Tovey and members of the team. Also denied by the Indian cricket authorities was the claim that Survé had been “head-hunted” by the Indian cricket authorities to aid the world beating team captained by Sachin Tendulkar.

However, Survé’s summons maintains that the statements made by Bell in his “fact check” were “wrongful and defamatory” and that they were understood by readers to mean that Surve is “dishonest and a liar”.

Bell stated that he stood by everything he had written and that he would confidently defend any accusations levelled against him and his work.

• The “Fact check” complained about is available at: