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Pay gap fuels university protest

March 9, 2014


The wage and welfare gap is proving a potent political weapon. And it was wielded with considerable effect at South Africa's University of the Western Cape (UWC) last week.

In pursuit of ‘Dr Shock’

November 24, 2010


Aubrey Levin, the Johannesburg-born psychiatrist who once claimed to "cure" homosexuals by "aversion therapy" and who was in charge of the notorious Ward 22 for "deviants" in the apartheid state's military hospital in Pretoria, was arrested in March 2010 in Calgary, Canada, charged with the sexual assault of a male patient. It was merely the latest in a history of allegarions dating back across decades.

Reflections on reflective thinking and practice

October 2, 2010


Action Inquiry. Action Research. Reflective Thinking. Reflective Practice. Experiential Learning. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Brain-based Learning. Like brands of soap powder, each claiming to wash whiter and brighter, these and numerous other academic packages claim to improve company and individual performance, making them more profitable and productive. And, like soap powders, all of these packages contain […]