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The forgotten legacy of workers’ Olympics

August 10, 2012


Once again, as the summer Olympiad comes to an end, the Ganes are shrouded in some very modern myths that ignore their real origins — and fail to give credit where credit is due. Much of the credit for the fact that women now compete and that men and women from every background are generally included on the basis of ability alone, goes to the labour movement, mainly in Europe, but also in the United States.

Farewell to an anti-apartheid battler

December 17, 2010


Tom Newnham, the man who probably did more than any other single individual in New Zealand to break rugby and other sporting ties with apartheid South Africa, died in Auckland this week, aged 84. And educator, editor, publisher, author and activist, he was the driving force behind the Citizens’ Association for Racial Equality (CARE) that, […]

Papwa Sewgolum – From Pariah to Legend

October 2, 2010


by Christopher Nicholson (Wits University Press, 2005) reviewed by Terry Bell Finally it’s there for all to read: the full story of one of South Africa’s greatest golfers, Papwa Sewsunker Sewgolum, and his appalling treatment as a victim of apartheid, reflected against that of another great golfer and beneficiary of the system, Gary Player. Written […]