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Organisational rights & democracy

May 29, 2013


Potentially turbulent and conflicting currents among trade union federations have been exposed following an attempt by deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe to calm troubled labour relations waters.

More & more people, fewer & fewer jobs

May 23, 2013


Globally there are now more than 200 million people who are jobless and with little hope of their circumstances changing. This is particularly frightening in South Africa where we face the prospect of thousands of jobs about to be lost in the mining sector.

Recognising possibilities for change

May 18, 2013


Decent work for decent pay and jobs for all is ludicrously unrealistic, but only if the present economic system, and the social order on which it stands, remains unchanged.

One lesson to learn from the WEF

May 11, 2013


That private club of super-rich men, the World Economic Forum (WEF), was back in Cape Town this week to persuade, buy up and bully politicians and opinion makers. But there was one WEF lesson opponents should take up.

17 years of supporting the Right to Fight

May 3, 2013


May Day this week should have been a time for reflection, not celebration; reflection about the potentially dire situation the labour movement now finds itself in. To help with this reflection, Business Report is this week making available copies of my book, Right to Fight, to the first five correct answers drawn from responses to a simple question.

Politics, ambition & bad journalism obscure vital issues

April 26, 2013


Politics and personal ambition compounded by some sloppy journalism have clouded and confused the issues surrounding the bitter internecine feud within Cosatu and the governing ANC-led alliance.

Disillusionment — and battling for the poor

April 18, 2013


Who would have thought, even a matter of weeks ago, that the issue of toll roads could become a potential political tipping point for members of the governing ANC-led alliance? Yet so it is — and no more so than in the Western Cape where Cosatu and the ANC find themselves on the same side as the opposition DA in opposing the introduction of road tolls to Cape Town’s two main traffic arteries.

Time to learn from Thatcherism & its origins

April 12, 2013


From a trade union viewpoint, Margaret Thatcher will never be mourned. But the legacy, dubbed “Thatcherism”, lives on, in South Africa and elsewhere. We ignore it or blindly laud it at our peril