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A democratic back to school message for SA

January 20, 2018


Whatever democratic power ordinary people have should always be defended — and fiercely. So SA ctizens, importantly organised labour, should prepare to do battle with a government that proposes abolishing elected school governing bodies that have admittedly failed, but largely because government has failed them.

Repeating the past: SA’s annual ‘matric’ circus

January 12, 2018


Even a cursory examination reveals the level of farce that is played out in South Afrca's annual matriculation announcements. There is, for example, no reference to the massive student dropout rate or to the fact that it now requires a bare 30% to pass. There is also a history to this circus that goes back to the days of exile and apartheid.

Reflections on reflective thinking and practice

October 2, 2010


Action Inquiry. Action Research. Reflective Thinking. Reflective Practice. Experiential Learning. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Brain-based Learning. Like brands of soap powder, each claiming to wash whiter and brighter, these and numerous other academic packages claim to improve company and individual performance, making them more profitable and productive. And, like soap powders, all of these packages contain […]