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Prediction, the EFF & fascism

June 6, 2018


In the light of a series of actions and the very recent controversy regarding statements made by the Economic Freedom Fighters, along with earlier EFF statements in similar vein, is it accurately to assume that a home grown fascism is emerging? The red trappings of socialism, at root internationalist and extremely democratic, have been assumed by what seems increasingly to be an ethnic nationalist movement that is headed by a Commander-in-Chief. And authoritarian nationalism, with a dash of socialist rhetoric is, in essence, fascist.

The forgotten legacy of workers’ Olympics

August 10, 2012


Once again, as the summer Olympiad comes to an end, the Ganes are shrouded in some very modern myths that ignore their real origins — and fail to give credit where credit is due. Much of the credit for the fact that women now compete and that men and women from every background are generally included on the basis of ability alone, goes to the labour movement, mainly in Europe, but also in the United States.

Patriotism is no answer to a flawed system

October 8, 2011


Patriotism in whatever form is no answer to the current global crisis. Yet it continues to be clung to by both sides of the labour market coin — employers and employees, although both have different definitions of precisely what they mean.

The history of an exceptional newspaper

December 8, 2010


The Guardian — The History of South Africa’s Extraordinary Anti-Apartheid Newspaper. By James Zug (Michigan State University Press/UNISA Press) (First published, May 2009) The Guardian, a polemical newspaper that survived three bannings and subsequent name changes and was once charged, alongside 156 individuals, with treason, is part of the anti-apartheid folk lore of South Africa. […]