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Journalism is more than ‘just a job’

January 22, 2020


With the explosion of fake news, courtesy of social media, accompanied by mounting attacks, verbal and physical, against journalists, it may be useful to remember what the role of journalists — not bots and trolls — should be and that ethical journalism still survives. In this context, in South Africa, it is worth remembering how journalism (the work of journalists) brought to light the whole disgusting state capture venture.

Journalism & the media: time to be afraid, very afraid

December 2, 2019


Honest, evidence-based journalism is under increasing pressure, especially with so many media outlets compromised or captured. South African provides classic examples and reasons why fulsome support should be given to the fight for continued — and expanded — access to information.

The need for responsible journalism

January 5, 2017


As 2017 gets underway, there is, as perhaps never before, the need for responsible journalism; journalism that presents the facts and seeks out the truth; journalism on which the public at large can rely and that reveals, without fear or favour, verified and verifiable information that is in the public interest.


November 5, 2016


The funeral of Lionel Morrison, journalist, trade unionist, social activist and the youngest accused, at age 21, in South Africa’s historic, four-year treason trial will be held in London in two weeks.

A journalistic travesty by Independent Media

August 25, 2016


A proclaimed expose about a “dirty tricks campaign” against Independent News Media South Africa and its putative owner, Iqbal Survé, published this week, was a journalistic travesty. It amounted to sloppy and racist propaganda.

The only antidote to public confusion

July 10, 2016


We seem today to be surrounded by much deliberate obfuscation of critical issues by official sources and, all too often, by a swirl of lies, innuendo and fear mongering. The antidote is honest journalism that encourages critical thinking.

Upholding journalistic ethics

January 15, 2015


Max de Preez, one of the foremost political commentators and columnists in South Africa, has withdrawn his work from Independent News Media, following a shameful and untruthful apology to President Jacob Zuma about facts carried in one of Max's columns.

Letter to Cape Times

December 27, 2013


The Cape TImes provided a first rate example of the educative role of journalism when it pubished, on December 24, an emotive rant about the newspaper's Mandela coverage, illustrated by the two special edition wraparound pages that revealed clearly the poisonous myths peddled by the accompanying text.