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The living legacy of ‘Mama Ray’

September 2, 2016


The decision of South Africa's Food & Allied Workers' Union to leave the Cosatu federation and the ANC-led alliance seems to indicate that the legacy of principled unity preached by "Mama Ray" Alexander Simons and her cohort continues to survive.

Another breach in ANC-led alliance

February 23, 2014


Another Cosatu union has broken ranks with the ANC-led alliance, but still maintained a toehold "in th absence of any alternative".

Economic war in South Africa

June 14, 2013


The “agrarian transformation”, announced on June 12 by two major SA trade unions extended well beyond farm lands and remote rural areas. It can be summarised by the famous 1992 quote by US President Bill Clinton: “(It’s) the economy, stupid.”

International focus stirs media on farm workers’ plight

August 27, 2011


It took a report from an international human rights body before the plight of a probable majority of farm workers in South Africa made front page news. But the abuse and mistreatment listed has been complained about for more than a decade by trade unions and welfare organisations working in the agricultural sector.

The most exploited — and largely ignored — workers

July 29, 2011


Fancy being able to walk to work and to pay just 10% of your wages for accommodation? Sounds idyllic? Perhaps. Unless you are a farm worker in South Africa where the latest pay increase of 4.5% made the minimum wage just R1,375 a month and where between R400 and R700 could be charged for electricity alone.