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The rights role of the labour movement

July 25, 2013


Fascism looms and the labour movement has a critical role to play as we face the possibility of the erosion of the democratic choice and individual rights we now enjoy

A real danger of fascism in SA

September 6, 2012


The first loud, trumpet calls to fascism in modern South Africa have been sounded. That was written last year. Today the comment is even more valid and now has a resonance on a global basis. This reality was recognised by that tower of ideological Babel, the Scialist International.

Know clearly what you want — and will fight for

August 2, 2012


That there is widespread and apparently growing cynicism within the South African labour movement about politics and politicians is perfectly understandable. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is not only to be careful what you wish for, but to be perfectly clear about what you want and are prepared to fight for.

Home-grown SA fascism emerges

September 2, 2011


The first, loud, trumpet calls to fascism in modern South Africa have been sounded. They emanate from Julius Malema and the ANC Youth League (ANCYL). It may seem melodramatic to write this, but only because fascism is a little understood, ill-defined term that sends shivers of apprehension through most minds.

The role of unions — and threats they face

July 10, 2011


The labour movement has always professed — and has the potential — to be the bulwark against authoritarianism, a standard bearer of such concepts as liberty and social justice. Unfortunately, there are many instances where these goals have been subverted, where governments, political parties and organised crime, sometimes as overlapping entities, have dominated, corrupting or badly weakening organised labour.