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Beware “activists” with no knowledge of struggle history

February 21, 2014


FYI:  This is the Man Friday column of Cape Times assistant editor Tony Weaver who, like myself, has been subject to defamatory comments by a group claiming to support “real transformation” and giving uncritical support to the new regime at Independent Newspapers and the existing political establishment. OH DEAR, oh dear. Pastor Wesley Douglas (remember […]

E-tolls, excrement and a 2014 election

June 21, 2013


E-tolling, excrement and expanded public works. There three "Es" are likely to be major campaigning features as South Africa heads towards the 2014 election.

Disillusionment — and battling for the poor

April 18, 2013


Who would have thought, even a matter of weeks ago, that the issue of toll roads could become a potential political tipping point for members of the governing ANC-led alliance? Yet so it is — and no more so than in the Western Cape where Cosatu and the ANC find themselves on the same side as the opposition DA in opposing the introduction of road tolls to Cape Town’s two main traffic arteries.

Playing politics while the fires rage

January 18, 2013


Responsibility for creating the conditions that have now, sometimes literally, set the Boland ablaze should be shared to a large degree by the dismissive attitudes of provincial and national government, the mainstream trade unions and the reactionary farming lobby. As a result, the tinder and the makings for what has turned out to be a quite major conflagration have been in place for years.

Know clearly what you want — and will fight for

August 2, 2012


That there is widespread and apparently growing cynicism within the South African labour movement about politics and politicians is perfectly understandable. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is not only to be careful what you wish for, but to be perfectly clear about what you want and are prepared to fight for.

A glimmer of hope for youth unemployment

May 24, 2012


There seems consensus that steps should be taken to alleviate some of the worst aspects of youth unemployment, a crisis that affects more than 75 million young people worldwide. But evidence exists of at least one highly successful project in South Africa of youth training and job placement in the current climate.

Time to both walk and talk the talk

January 25, 2011


A new bout of verbiage concerning labour brokers and the nature of jobs erupted as the country got back to work after the new year break. And the confusion it created was compounded by proposed changes to the labour laws produced last month by the government. According to one set of interpretations, the ANC has […]