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How the people could really govern

February 10, 2019


Democracy as practiced in so-called parliamentary democracies around the world is a lie. One person, one vote was a concession granted by the governing, monied elite after long, brutal and bloody struggles by oppressed majorities. But it was a concession within the same corrupt and corrupting system. With the advance of communications technology, true democracy beckons

A micro-chip road to real democracy

April 10, 2014


Some food for thought about the future as the economic crisis continues, elements of barbarism and instability seem to be spreading to various arts of the globe — and as South Africa heads to another election.

Citizens’ coaltion infrastructure is in place

December 31, 2012


In South Africa, all the infrastructure exists to institute the modern world's first attempt to extend the partial democracy we now have into the real thing: a truly egalitarian system that could make a reality of the values of human dignity, equality and freedom. All it requires is organisation.