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Time for brief respite: 2019 is coming

December 15, 2018


Rough times seems certain to lie ahead in 2019., So perhaps the widely recognised festive season should provide a welcome respite, a time not only to rest and relax, but to contemplate the rigours of the year ahead; a time to analyse and to plan, since hope still exists that a better world is possible.

Economic apartheid & the builders of the world city

November 7, 2013


Christmas is coming to a world city so it is perhaps time to ask who built it, who is losing out, who is getting fat — and how and why this happens.

Xmas bells ring in profit — and deeper debt

November 26, 2011


The measures taken to to get the tills of the towns of South Africa ringing for a profitable Xmas season, are similar to those that led, via the sub-prime mortgage debacle in the United States, to the current and ongoing global crisis. This is based on short-term thinking and the extension of unsustainable credit.

’tis the season to…..?

December 10, 2010


It is surely time for serious reflection when the lunatic logic of the present system encourages us to spend — all too often on credit — to provide a boost to ailing economies when all this will do is provide a boost to banks and to the profits of importers, producer companies, wholesalers and retailers while the jobs slaughter continues.