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Why Amcu baulks

July 14, 2013


Amcu negotiators are not being pig-headed in not signing peace deals. They have a rank and file to answer to.

Need to confront poisonous roots of the past

July 12, 2013


The poisonous roots of Marikana go back at least 15 years — and must be confronted if anything is to change.

Left spectre haunts the ANC/SACP

June 27, 2013


ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe conjured up a spectre from South Africa’s trade union past when he blamed the "Swedes and Irish" for the "anarchy" on the platinum mines.

Who is doing what — and whom — at Amplats?

May 13, 2013


Did the management of Anglo Platinum (Amplats) and the government do a deal behind closed doors regarding retrenchments and shaft closures? Amid a swirl of rumour and innuendo and in an atmosphere of considerable distrust, this is an allegation heard across the union divide.

A real danger of fascism in SA

September 6, 2012


The first loud, trumpet calls to fascism in modern South Africa have been sounded. That was written last year. Today the comment is even more valid and now has a resonance on a global basis. This reality was recognised by that tower of ideological Babel, the Scialist International.

A wake-up call SA will ignore at its peril

September 5, 2012


What happened at Marikana should not be seen in isolation. It is merely the most tragic of many unrest incidents around South Africa, but it is a wake-up cll the country will ignore at its peril

Sorting fact from fiction at Marikana

August 23, 2012


Inflammatory propaganda, opportunistic interventions and a narrow, finger pointing focus engaged in by everyone from opposition politicians and government ministers to mine management and some campaigning groups, has added to the tension following the bloodshed at Lonmin's Marikana mine. It is high time to sort out some facts from often self-serving propaganda.

A background to Marikana

August 23, 2012


The deaths at Lonmin amount to the bloodiest tragedy of the post-apartheid era. As a result, the blame game is in full swing and is likely to continue in the weeks ahead. But all the finger pointing, accusations and counter accusations only highlight the plethora of questions that desperately need to be thoroughly interrogated.