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Unions.bureaucrats & investment companies

February 24, 2019


Was a cut-price share deal in a controversial company that was given to the general secretary of South Afica's Federation of Unions (Fedusa) a potential bribe or a welcome contribution to another — and still-to-be-established — trade union investment company? And was it in order for Fedusa general secretary Dennis George to become a dirctor of the same company? TAnswers to these questions should be available on Tuesday.

Austerity and the lack of a real alternatve

February 24, 2019


A social compact is not an alternative to the present social and economic system. It is a variation on the same theme — a bad one from the point of view of labour — and it does pose as an alternative. Time perhaps for labour to counter with a clearly costed and articulated route to a real alternative that would benefit the many rather than the few.

The union that asked billion Rand questions

February 22, 2019


Although unmentioned, considerable credit for the fact that there is a commission of inquiry into the scandal ridden Public Investment Corporation (PIC) should go the PSA (Public Servants’ Association). Probably the largest public sector union in the country, it was the first to raise serious questions about the way the PIC was administered.

SONA 2019: Mbeki without the poetry

February 9, 2019


Hard questions now need to be asked and hard facts faced as politicians continue to make extravagant promises that, on even cursory examination, ignore reality. And that does not even mean looking ahead to the consequences of the fourth industrial revolution that the world has already embarked on.

A citizens’ path to true democrcy

February 2, 2019


Without democratic control over, and the right to recall, elected representatives — these being the “basics” early anti-apartheid unions strove for — the corrupting and monied minorities will continue to have a relatively free hand in manipulating and controlling society.

Davos & the spectre of populism

January 26, 2019


Populism was a spectre haunting the super rich when they met in Davos, Switzerland. this past week. But while this emergence of nationalist, protectionist sentiment does pose a threat to global corporations, it does not threaten the system based on competition and the exploitation of labour. It also carries with it the poison of zenophobia.

As SA elections loom: a call for clarity & organisation

January 13, 2019


It's swings and roundabouts for the workers of the world, with the overall trajectory being fewer jobs and lower pay. This is the reality as the World Bank claims — citing China and India as prime examples — that global poverty is declining; the implication being that the economic system is working. It is not and it is, in fact, becoming increasingly destructive.