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The Facebook trigger to Egypt’s revolution

February 4, 2011


A Facebook group, started to support a strike called for April 6, 2008 became, within three years, the most potent movement for political transformation in Egypt. Eva Haroun provides the background to this phenomenon.

Voodoo economics, journalism & human rights

January 1, 2011


(First published:  February, 2006) It is time we all stopped bowing down at the altar of voodoo economics and acknowledged that our world is in crisis.  And that this crisis — not of shortages, but of gluts — is a consequence of adherence to an almost religious belief that “the market” is some sort of […]

South Africa’s corrupt and corrupting culture

November 20, 2010


(First published, March 2010) For South Africa there is nothing new in arrogant claims to be above the law, in the enrichment of the few, the mythologising and distortion of history and the thuggish behaviour of security units in the service of a political elite. This corrupt and corrupting culture was dominant both in the […]

Only the latest incident in centuries of persecution

October 4, 2010


The 2010 expulsions of Roma families from France was only the latest — and more widely publicised — example of the persecution suffered by this community over centuries.