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A micro-chip road to real democracy

April 10, 2014


Some food for thought about the future as the economic crisis continues, elements of barbarism and instability seem to be spreading to various arts of the globe — and as South Africa heads to another election.

A democratic answer to escape from crisis

March 1, 2014


Crisis-ridden capitalism is past its sell-by date and has become destructive, but a democratic way out beckons. All it requires is political will and organisation. The programme and the technology exist.

A micro-chip road to real democracy

July 1, 2013


Modern technology is making the bulk of humanity increasingly redundant. But the same technology could end the obscene waste of human potential.

Citizens’ coaltion infrastructure is in place

December 31, 2012


In South Africa, all the infrastructure exists to institute the modern world's first attempt to extend the partial democracy we now have into the real thing: a truly egalitarian system that could make a reality of the values of human dignity, equality and freedom. All it requires is organisation.

An alternative to more chaos and destruction?

December 17, 2012


The promises and the policies, the personalities elected, even the potential political punch-ups at Mangaung are basically irrelevant. Only a radical move toward a new political dispensation could stop the social fabric of the country from continuing to fray and tear, causing further moves towards repression.

A route to a truly democratic society

December 7, 2012


South Africa's Bill of Right provides the cornerstone on which a truly democratic society can be built. The technical resources exist in a world of surpluses. Only imagination and political will are missing.

SA Inc and the search for a real alternative

June 21, 2012


South Africa Inc is a “fronting” exercise in which the people of the country are the hapless stooges giving credibility to a governing elite. That is one of the reactions within the labour movement following the announcement of the government’s $2 billion pledge to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Hope on the domestic slavery horizon

August 5, 2011


The International Labour Organisation has finally placed domestic workers — the nannies, maids, chars and house helps — on the same footing as other workers in terms of a decent work agenda. At least in theory. But, as the South African experience shows, there is a very long was to go in practice — and not only for domestic workers.


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