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Business shoots itself in the wages foot

August 31, 2014


The opening salvoes have again been fired in another round in South Africa's war about a national minimum wage. Yet without more work with decent pay and a radical change in overall policy direction, the country's social fabric will continue to fray and tear

Why workers are always disadvantged

August 26, 2014


Even with improvements in labour legislation such as the recent amendments to South Africa's LRA, workers will always be disadvataged. This is simply the reality of the system in which we live.

Sex work, crime & the working class

August 17, 2014


Should the sale and/or purchasae of sex be regarded as work or be criminalised or regulated? The issue has again come to the fore as the economic crisis continues to bite.

Lawyers muddy workers’ rights

August 7, 2014


South African lawyers, claiming unfair discrimination have gained the right to appear in industrial mediation and arbitration dispute processes, so further tipping the already uneven scales of justice in favour of those with fat wallets.

Hindsight is also a blinkered perspective

July 13, 2014


Even the outrageous proposal by satirist Jonathan Swift that the problem of poverty could be dealt with by eating the children of the poor has failed, after 300 years, to bury to mistaken notion that procreation and "over population" is the cause of poverty.

Rank & file make their voices heard

July 7, 2014


Organised workers at rank and file level in South Africa are displaying renewed confidence and determination as they launch demands for a “living wage”, for the historic wage gap to be closed, and for their voices to be heard.

The social catastrophe facing SA

June 29, 2014


Workers and their unions are not responsible for the rocky road ahead for the SA economy. But they and their dependents will once again be the major sufferers should mass job losses occur on the mines.


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